Gossip Girls + Sephora Sale Picks

Hello! I hope you’ve had a good week.

I can’t believe it’s Friday. This week was consumed with some silly drama. As the story goes, someone with too much time on her hands said she’d been reading the police blotter (!) and saw this:

So, instead of calling me up so we could both have a chuckle over the perils of a common name, she sent it around the neighbourhood, saying it was me!

I mean, it totally makes sense that it would be me, because I’m the only Jennifer Lawrence on the planet.

This, also, is not me. It’s confusing because we have the same Dior bag!

Jennifer was the top female name from 1970 to 1984 in both Canada and the US. Lawrence is the 232nd most popular surname, right up there with Johnston and Matthews. I’m not even the only Jennifer Lawrence at my local Nordstrom!

Is it because I’m on Christian television sometimes? Jim and Tammy’s legacy runs deep!

On the plus side, those who believed the story think I’m younger than I am. I credit Beautycounter serums. They are youth in a bottle, particularly the No 1 Brightening Facial Oil.

To distract me from the madness, I dipped into the Sephora loyalty sale, which kicked off last weekend for Rouge members and continues this weekend (you just have to sign up as an Insider.) There is 10% to 15% off on everything, so if you’ve been eyeing that Dyson hair dryer, this is your week!

My daughter loves Sephora with it’s Anastasia and Fenty goodness. I’m a Beautycounter devotee, so I tend to focus more on specialty brushes and bags.

I love the full-bodied foundation brush by Fenty. The blush colour is so pretty and this is a truly excellent brush. I use it to blend my Dew Skin tinted moisturizer.

I also love this train case for organizing all of my products.

I’m not a big fragrance person because of allergies and toxins, but now that I plan to spend more time in the city – properly dressed – fragrance is nice. I love the Sephora rollers, since it’s not too much of a commitment. I’m modernizing in home design, but I’m throwing it back in fragrance, opting for a tuberose-led floral of Gucci Bloom. And right now, it’s 15% off.

Are you planning any Sephora shopping this weekend? Any fun weekend plans? We are continuing to prep our house in anticipation of a renovation. Plus, the weather is meant to be gorgeous, so we plan on enjoying that and getting outside.



  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That’s mortifying. And very disappointing if it was a ‘friend’ who spread the word. Hope it’s been all cleared up now.

    Re. Sephora sale, last year I was at the second level (VIB?) because of buying a Foreo, but now I’m just a plain old beauty insider. I’m going to buy the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – I’ve been reading about on blogs for a while and recently got a sample. I might also try the Dior Nail Glow. Have you tried it? I don’t really need anything else – I recently got a bunch of stuff in the UK, including a large bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair at duty free. I remember over 30 years ago a friend and I, probably still students, went to an Estee Lauder event at a local department store. It must have been shortly after ANR was launched because that was part of the event – of course, if I could have afforded it then and kept up with it, I might look a whole lot better now than I do!


    • The matter has been cleared up and I think that people will take with a grain of salt things the ‘friend’ says from now on.

      I like Roth products. I have the Rose mask that I got at Costco (sometimes they surprise me) and am using up. It smells lovely. I wish I’d kept up with my teenaged skin routine too. The early years of children were not good for self-care! I have used Dior Nail Glow and like it a lot. It’s long lasting (and I am hard on my nails) and makes your nails look pink and healthy. I’m not sure where it scores on the ThinkDirty app re toxicity, but I can vouch for its prettiness. Now, I mainly use Butter or Gabriel. Enjoy your weekend! XO


      • It was before Christmas when they bring in the goodies. But sometimes before Mother’s Day, they boost the beauty product content too. I’ve seen Bobbi Brown eyeliner, all sorts of goodies: but never consistently.


  2. Sent it around the neighbourhood?
    My gosh, that’s a cut-throat ‘hood you have there!
    Well, that was definitely some unnecessary drama. Love that pink Dior bag. xxx


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