Royal Baby + Writing Desks


It’s a royal baby! What happy news. Can you believe how lovely Kate looks 7 hours after giving birth? Contrary to what the magazine headlines say, Royals are not just like us. With both of my pregnancies, I gained only the 16-20 pounds my fertility doctor dictated, and gave birth to a 10 pound child, but I can guarantee you I did not look like this coming out of the hospital. Does her hair just look like that on its own? Unfair!

via People

I hope you had a good weekend. We had glorious sunshine, which was such a relief after icestormageddon. I caught up with some friends and continued to zhush the house. We had our first dinner in our new formal dining room and it was lovely. I need to buy 4 more Kartell Ghost Chairs before any major holiday, and shall wait to see if the price comes down on Wednesday for Wayfair’s big sale.

We bought a lovely Roar + Rabbit Jewelled Small Cabinet at West Elm (have I mentioned lately how obsessed I am with Liberty Village? I love that place!) It’s not generally for sale yet, but they had just put out a floor model the evening before and agreed to sell it to us. It’s a perfect piece for our foyer and keeps clutter hidden. It has clean lines but the gold leafing on the doors and the onyx handles lend a bit of sparkle, which y’all know I love.

via West Elm

I how have my office/parlour almost set up and just have to order a writing desk. I want a really pretty desk because I have a very functional Aeron desk chair and I need something hyper-feminine to offset the more masculine chair.

I’ve always liked the look of the Lady’s Desk by Barbara Barry, but it does not have a keyboard drawer.

Suzanne Kasler always gets it right, doesn’t she. The Julien desk is so pretty. But, again, it has no keyboard drawer that I can see.


The most practical pretty desks seem to come from Hooker, since they all seem to have keyboard trays. And they are less expensive than the other options.

This Sanctuary Writing Desk  is the winner, winner chicken dinner so far…

via Wayfair

This writing desk is another good choice.

via Wayfair

Again, I shall wait on Wayfair to see how good the sales are this week.

Are you excited about the royal baby? Do you have any writing desk suggestions?



  1. Hi Jen, your new cabinet is gorgeous! I have no idea about desks, but it sounds like your parlour is going to be wonderful!

    I am very, very, very excited about the new royal baby! Looking forward to seeing the first photos of all three children together, that will be adorable.


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