Surprise Sale + Mother’s Day Ideas

Happy Thursday!

I’m doing some deadline writing, but I just wanted to dash off a quick post to say that if you missed out on Shopbop’s Friends and Family sale last month, they are having a surprise sale that ends tonight with up to 40% off select items.

There are lots of clothes and bags and shoes, but two items leapt off the screen at me. They are perfect for Mother’s Day!

Friends of mine know that I have a running joke about losing the Jeff Koons balloon dog in the divorce. Well for less than $50, I can sort of get my doggy back!

I love this Balloon Doggy (clearly there was some trademark stuff at play) bank for C$47. The silver one is also on sale but when you can do pink, you sort of must do pink.

I’ve always kinda sorta lusted after a Chanel Vanity Case, but I’m just not sure that’s going to happen in this lifetime. Plus, I’d be terrified of wrecking a $4000 makeup bag with my creams. But this cheap and cheerful case by Bag-all has a Chanel vibe and is reasonable enough (C$35!) that you don’t have to worry if your Drunk Elephant spills. Winner winner.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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