Rebuilding Good Habits

Happy Thursday, lovelies.

We are almost at the weekend! We had a lovely and sunny day yesterday and it felt like it was already the weekend.

I met the new doctor yesterday and it seems very promising. I’ll meet with her for an hour (!) once I have my bloodwork done. Yesterday, I met with the nurse for a good 30 minutes and she took my entire medical history and went over my latest blood work and MRI results.

My B12 levels were very low so she gave me a B12 shot on the spot. It may be the placebo affect, but I feel a bit better already. I’m a big believer in supplements, which I reviewed with her. I will be adding a B Complex with B12 to the mix. I cannot tell you how lovely it is to have a comprehensive doctor’s visit after 5 years in the wilderness.

The doctor is located in one of my favourite areas in town, so that was lovely. I have to drive there on side streets, but the route takes me through some very pretty neighbourhoods. So, things are looking up!

I noticed she had some essential oil blends in her office waiting room, which was nice to see. I love a doctor who embraces all types of wellness. I’ve been busy diffusing a mix of Inner Child, Peppermint, Grapefruit, and Lavender these days to help with my anxiety. I dropped some good habits over the last months including walks, morning bible reading, drinking enough water, getting 8 hours of sleep, and not reading the news, and I can feel it! It’s time to get myself realigned before the summer.

Do you slip out of good habits now and then?

Here are some ones that I’ve managed to get back on track:

Healthy Meals

I have got our eating back on track. I hired one of those services that brings prepared ingredients to your door so you just have to assemble them. I did it for two weeks to re-establish good habits, but I find the packaging too wasteful and the product too expensive to continue it long-term. I may try a few of the other services out there and will let you know if there’s a winner! In the meantime, it’s Sunday afternoon meal planning for us.

Water Intake

I’ve got my pretty reusable water cup at the ready again so that I drink more water while I work. It makes such a difference to how Iook and feel.

Dog Walks

The weather has been nice enough to take Teddy for after-dinner walks. It’s good for all of us. Speaking of Teddy, he’s getting his summer haircut next week. Gone will be his “skirt” or – as I like to call it – Hammer Pants. All of the longer Cairn Coat will be gone for the summer, except for his little fluffy face, of course!

Evening Bath

I love an evening bath with Epsom Salts and believe it helps my sleep. I’m back in the routine of an early bath and bedtime.

What are the little things you do that help you feel better?


Love to hear from you!

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