Lilly Pulitzer Bargains

I love a good bargain. And 60% off Lilly Pulitzer is my kind of bargain! Island View, the local Oakville Lilly Pulitzer store, is having a Sidewalk Sale this weekend (as is the entire main street.) Lilly stuff is usually really expensive in Canada, so you want to get it on sale. It was my reward for getting a dozen vials of blood drawn this morning.

There were so many cute things at a great discount, but my criteria is the pattern needs to have some kind of critter in it, and it has to be an easy care piece (100% cotton preferred.) Or it has to be an adorable accessory.

I took a bunch of stuff into the fitting room which, I have to say, is quite possibly the world’s cutest.

I wanted to try the scalloped shorts to see if they were the right length and they were. They are flattering and comfortable. (Note that each fitting room is different!)

The fit and the flamingo pattern made this Magnolia short in Pelican Pink Head in the Sand a winner. (The inseam is 5″ which is becoming my favourite length.) It will be adorable with a chambray shirt.

I also tried on the Jessica Short Sleeve Dress in Tiki Pink. Also a winner at 60% off. It will be cute with a jean jacket over top.

I managed to score the Flamingo coin purse in Tiki Pink and the Fiesta Earrings. And a passport cover.

I liked the long sleeve shirts and dresses, but they were in her fun neon patterns that I think are best suited for really hot weather (in Canada we tend to wear neutrals unless it’s boiling hot or we are travelling to sunnier climes.) And I can get cheaper neutrals elsewhere. The whole point of Lilly is the colour!

This was my haul, all for under CAD$180. Usually a pair of shorts is $118.

Are you lucky enough to have a Lilly near you?



Love to hear from you!

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