Closet Reorganization

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Do you dream of a perfect closet?

via Pinterest

Me too. The one above looks like a boutique.

Mine is slightly less elegant but I finally bit the bullet and did my full closet cleanup for summer.

It won’t win any awards but it’s organized and everything fits!

I took everything out a la Marie Kondo and tried things on. I ended up selling some pieces, giving some pieces away, and binning others (they are given away but clearly marked as not fit to wear – I think they repurpose the material.)

I kept a few pieces that are snug but workable on the assumption that once I get these health issues cleared up, I can go back to my exercise routine and regular size. But anything that caused my circulation to be cut off has been exorcised from my wardrobe.

I have a few holes in my closet. I need a pair of khaki pants (I prefer olive colour). These Slim Boyfriend Chinos from J. Crew Factory, look like contenders:


I also need a new chambray shirt. I LOVE my J Crew chambray shirt but after 12 years (!) of cold water washing and hanging it to dry (I bought it just after my son was born) it’s starting to get tight (I’m taking it personally.) I’ll see if I like the factory Perfect Fit one.

I need a new pair of dark wash jeans, but I’ll wait for the Nordstrom July sale to get those since I think they will have Hudsons and AGs marked down. I do think that “good jeans” are worth it as the fabrics are light and stretchy, but I refuse to pay $200-300 for a pair. I always manage to find something I like for around $125-150 if I’m patient.

Have you done your seasonal closet sort? Missing any pieces?

Have a wonderful weekend!



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