Summer Goals

Happy first day of summer!

If you live in a place with seasons, summer is so short and sweet. I like to pack in as many fun things as possible. Our July is a bit of a gong show, which means I need to be particularly planful with our weekends. I plan to make sure there is lots of sun, sand, sweets, and sidewalk cafes. Here are some of my goals:

Beach Reading. I recently wrote about what I’ve been reading, but I have a few more beach reads planned:

  • The Life Lucy Knew by Karma Brown. Brown is an expert in domestic drama and always tells a compelling story.
  • All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin. Giffin has moved from Shopaholic-type chick lit to deeper, richer stories. I can’t wait to read this one.
  • The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand. It would not be summer without a new Elin Hilderbrand novel and this one looks beach-perfect. I think I bought our place in Nova Scotia in part because I fell in love with eastern seaboard life she depicts so beautifully in her books.

Making Homemade Ice Cream. This recipe for No-Churn Strawberry Mascarpone Ice Cream in Canadian Living looks sooo good. And it does not have egg, which some homemade ice creams do. And you don’t have to churn it, so its’s easy peasy compared to some recipes. I plan to make some while the strawberries are still in season.

Road Trip. If we have the time, I want to drive to Nova Scotia instead of fly. We will likely go through the Berkshires and will hit Vineyard Vines and Ballard Designs and Target and Cracker Barrel. I think we are going to push our overseas trip to the spring when it’s less rushed and I’m feeling better. Besides, summer is for road trips!

Tan. Kidding. I’ve never had a tan in my life. But I will fake bake just a little. I like this Glow Shimmer Oil from Beautycounter to make me look a little more glowy.

What are your plans for summer?



  1. My summer will be no where near as exciting as yours! My husband will be saving up his new vacation days (just started his new post-army job) for our cruise in October, so we will be close to home. A bit of gardening, a bit of biking, gym visits. Looking forward to seeing how your house in N.S. is doing!


    • I think summer is a perfect time for puttering around. The weather is so lovely and I love the slower pace. October is such a perfect time to travel. I’m sure you are starting to get excited! XO


  2. I have to admit, I clicked on the full post in excitement to read some new summer planning ideas, and most of all, hoping to see a recipe for the popsicles in the main picture. They look absolutely amazing and healthy and instantly thought about my mom who is diabetic and lactose and tolerate but really craves something really cold at night. But you blog was still a good little read and I plan on looking up the books you mentioned and hope to find one out of the three interesting enough to share between the family. Hope you and your family have a great summer!


    • Thank you for commenting! I’ll have to track down a good popsicle recipe. I’m always on the hunt for treats that work with our allergies so I know where you are coming from! Xo


  3. Not sure if my first comment went through or not so here it goes again, lol. I seen the picture of the home made popsicles and summer and it instantly drew me in. I was really looking forward to seeing a recipe for the popsicles, I instantly thought about my mom, who is lactose and tolerate and diabetic. I thought they looked like they would be healthy and not filled with an overload of sugar, since she craves something really cold at night after seeing the picture I thought this would be a perfect snack for her and something my niece and I could make together and have fun making them. So I was a little disappointed when I got the point of ice cream and didn’t see the popsicles, 😢. But I definitely enjoyed reading your article and am excited to look up the books you mentioned and hope to find at least one I think I can share between family.


  4. Thanks Jen you always have such good beach-read recommendations!
    Summers are totally for Road Trips I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately we don’t have one planned for this summer but we are going to Austria.
    Would love to be going to the East Coast again this summer I miss it! xxx


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