10 Ways to Kickstart Your Monday

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a good weekend. Other than seeing the Banksy exhibit, I mainly relaxed as I filmed on Friday and that’s always tiring. It was good to just binge Southern Charm (have you been following the #hiashley drama on twitter?) and RHONY and Nashville for a change in pace. (On that topic: Have you watched Queer Eye Season 2, Episode 1 yet? All the feels!)

But now that it’s Monday, it’s back to the grind. As a freelancer, I don’t have anyone holding me accountable so I have to be disciplined if I want to get anything done. Here’s what I do to kick the week into gear.

  1. Review My Planner. The end of the school year is a gong show of exams and appointments so I have to know what I’m doing when. I review my planner to make sure I know everything happening this week so nothing takes me by surprise.
  2. Eat Breakfast. If you start the week with energy, you tend to continue week with energy. I make sure I have a decent breakfast. I’m loving cacoa nibs and slivered almonds with plain greek yogurt.
  3. Read a Devotional. I like to read something uplifting. Proverbs 31 has quick devotionals that they email you each day. It starts the day out on the right foot.
  4. Get Dressed. I always dress and put on a bit of makeup (Dew Skin with SPF, blush and lip gloss.) I just feel more productive when I’m put together.
  5. Do One Quick, Productive Thing. I like to start by getting something off my to do list. Maybe I need to get printer ink. Or make an appointment. Or send out an invoice. I tackle something on my list so I start the week with an accomplishment.
  6. Set a Daily Goal. Each day, I have to write something short like a blog post for here or See Hear Love. I also have to write about 1500 words on a larger project like a freelance piece or my novel. A lot of those words later get scrapped in editing, but it makes sure each day the project moves forward. As a writer, it’s easy to get discouraged, but if every day you make some sort of progress, it helps.
  7. Plan a Reward. I don’t get to look forward to watercooler chit chat or coffee breaks (the dog is not a great conversationalist!) so I have a treat to keep me working. Right now, I’m addicted to the Coconut Clusters from Costco. Seriously yum.
  8. Plan Email Checks. Email can be a distraction. I have turned off all notifications and limit checking email to three or four times a day. I also take an hour every now and then to unsubscribe.
  9. Schedule Internet Use. I need to use the internet a lot for research but plan out blocks of time. Otherwise, I could spend my writing time down the online rabbit hole since it’s tempting to drift over to ShopBop in the name of researching a character.
  10. Learn something. Every Monday, I’ll schedule time to learn one new thing that week. Perhaps it’s watching a YouTube video on using Canva. Or I’ll look for new sources of stock photos. Perhaps, it’s a podcast by someone motivating. Every week, I like to improve my skillset a bit.

What do you do to motivate yourself on a Monday. Any tips?







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