Change is Good

This has been a week of decisions. I’ve shed some career things that once worked for me, but were no longer serving me well. I felt a sense of kinship with Carole Radziwell who has decided to leave RHONY as it’s no longer reflecting her values. Even since reading her beautiful memoir, What Remains, I’ve thought she was a smart cookie. Plus, she names all of her animals Baby and what could be better than that?

Like Carole, some things were no longer reflecting who I was. And I’m a big believer in leaving some things behind to open room for new opportunities. Some people like to have something lined up before taking the leap, but that always struck me as being like those people in high school who’d line up the next girl/boyfriend before shedding the first. It never worked out particularly well for anyone. It’s good to have the space to allow the right next thing to come along.

As soon as I’d made the decision, I felt a huge burden lift. I’ll take that as a sign I’m on the right path even though I have no clear idea where this path leads.

I think it’s common in midlife to rethink a lot of things. Now that I know myself, I know what works for me and what doesn’t. And I’m less patient enduring things that don’t reflect my heart.

Are you a fan of leaps of faith? Are you in a time of flux or are things settled?




  1. Hi Jen, hope you are having a great summer. I haven’t had the time to keep up with RHONY lately, but I DO have the time for a daily scroll through, so I was quite surprised to read that Carole has decided to leave. However, I’ve always felt that she was a bit, not exactly ‘too good’ for the Housewives show, but perhaps didn’t quite fit in. It sounds like she wants to go back to more serious fare, hopefully that will work out for her.

    It also sounds like you are at peace with your decision and I’m quite sure it will work out for you too!


    • I hope you are having a great summer too! It’s going by too quickly! Carole did seem a little different didn’t she. I am very much at peace with things. Feels good. Xo


  2. Well done, for shedding what no longer works for you. I have done that a number of times through my life, and it is always for the better. I think we know, but have to acknowledge, when things are not serving us well, and as life is short it is up to us to make the most of it. And I am all in favour of that!


    • It feels so good when you are living in alignment, doesn’t it. I think I’m going to start a yearly life audit to make sure things are working and I don’t drift off the path. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Xo


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