Boston Getaway

One of the highlights of the east coast vacation was time in Boston. I’ve not been to Boston for several years and always forget what a pretty city it is. It ticks my must-haves of ocean, art, and history.

We stayed at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, which is in an excellent location near the Boston Public Garden. The hotel was lovely. They even have a Canine Ambassador – Carly – who is available for walks.

Carly usually hangs out near the concierge but was also riding a luggage cart at one point.

The Mr. and I have both been to Boston and have done the whole Boston Tea Party thing, so instead of taking in the fabulous history, we focused on art and sport.

While at the Museum of Fine Arts, I spent a good deal of time among the John Singer Sargent and Mary Cassatt paintings. If it weren’t for the bad plumbing, I’d want to live in the late-1800s. Lots of silk and no KUWTK. (I’d get my Real Housewives fix via Henry James.)

The Tea by Mary Cassatt

Helen Sears by John Singer Sargent

I wanted to see the Rothko pieces on loan, which were lovely. There is something so spiritual about Rothko’s work. I’d love to see the Rothko Chapel in Houston. Have you been?

While rain threatened, it turned out to be gorgeous for our entire visit. We were able to walk a lot, including through the gorgeous Boston Public Garden.

Small Child Fountain by Mary E. Moore

Swan boats

Make Way for Ducklings by Nancy Schön

We grabbed lunch at The Bell in Hand, claiming to be the oldest pub in Boston, with a first pour in 1795. I have no idea if it’s true, but it’s a lovely airy pub that makes a capable lunch.

We popped into Arlington Street Church to see the Tiffany windows. They are gorgeous and it’s well worth the stop.

The Mr. is a baseball fan and we took in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Now, I tend to think that baseball is about 3 innings too long, but it was a great game. And the Sox won so the crowd was jovial. It’s a much more intimate viewing experience than a Jays game and the last minute tickets we procured afforded us an excellent view of the field.

Not bad for last minute seats! They were in the grandstand and covered so we did not have to worry about rain or shade.

When we got back to the room, the lovely Fairmont Fairy Godmother had dropped off a little cheese plate.

It was a perfect little treat after the game (I decided to go along with the whole baseball thing and had a ballpark frank at the stadium for my dinner. I think it’s about the third non-vegan hot dog I’ve had in my adult life and it was surprisingly tasty!)

All in all, Boston was a terrific little stopover and makes for a wonderful weekend destination. Have you visited?

In future posts, I’ll write about our trip through coastal Maine and Massachusetts, as well as The Berkshires. I’ll also have a big post on where to eat along Nova Scotia’s south shore, as I followed the chowder route. I may or may not have left a few scallops in the sea for future tourists.



  1. In 1991 my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I travelled from Germany to Cape Breton to visit his family and we took a side trip into New England, as far as Boston and the Cape. We didn’t spend a lot of time there; my abiding memory is of a visit to the famous Filene’s Basement, where I bought a lovely raincoat in periwinkle blue. I would love to go back again some day … maybe in 2 or (God forbid!) 6 years. (Watching CNN right now, it may just be sooner!)😊 P.S. Are those ducklings wearing neckerchiefs??


    • What a lovely memory. The ducklings are wearing neck scarves at the moment. People change their attire to Patriots hats, ties or whatever strikes their fancy. They were wearing pink knitted hats post election so perhaps that gives us hope you can return to Boston soon! Xo


  2. Hello Jen,

    I’m catching up on all my favorite blogs as I’ve been awol this entire summer. Looks like you had a wonderful trip to a city I too visited last summer (stayed in same hotel which was terrific). The MFA was particularly enjoyable (as was our dinner in the superb Bravo restaurant). I could spend an entire week immersed in the delights of the American Wing).


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