October Practices for Healing

I hope October is treating you well. Last week was a doozy news-wise, and my activist side stepped forward. But now that letters have been written and cheques to some advocacy groups have been sent, it’s time to step back a bit for the sake of self-preservation.

On the weekend, we turned off the news and went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze as a way to kick off the season.  We’ve also been eating honey crisp apples by the barrel load, along with pumpkin scones and pie. We’ve been focusing on our blessings.

We’ve decorated for Thanksgiving since it’s this coming weekend in Canada. It feels too early for turkey, but any excuse for stuffing I’ll embrace.

I’ve not been in the stores much. When I was filming I needed to buy trendy fast fashion for each show, but now I can wear my beloved black and grey that washed me out on camera. The only thing I’ve picked up recently is a dress from H&M from their GP & J BAKER collaboration because I love the chinoiserie fabric. It’s on sale for less than $12 right now and is a great piece to throw on for going out.

I’m also starting to grow out all my highlights. I took it very light since it was more flattering on film, but it was a bear to maintain. I’d rather put that salon money towards something else. And I hated all the chemicals near my scalp. I think I might simply wear hats all winter. Thoughts on undyed hair?

I have been experimenting with more clean beauty products. I’ve become a fan of REN Wake Wonderful Nighttime Facial. I’ve added it to the roster along with Beautycounter Peel and Drunk Elephant TLC Night Serum. They are all beautiful products.

I’m switching my diffusing oils from summer florals to a richer orange oil and cinnamon for fall. YL’s Christmas Spirit is a delicious blend. I also burn a lot of candles but make sure they don’t emit any toxic fumes: beeswax tends to be best.

I tend to drink a lot of teas when the weather grows cooler. Loyd’s teas are a particular favourite and are much cheaper than many gourmet teas.  I get mine at Starsky, but you can also get them online. This Rooibos Honey and Madagascar Vanilla one is a winner. It smells and tastes delicious: no milk or sugar required.

The crystals I’m using these days are Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Lepidolite, and Malachite, which are good for offsetting the toxicity that is the news. There is no woo woo magic to using them. I simply keep them near where I write.

Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic is as wonderful as I’d hoped. It’s a lovely book choice for October, as are any books by Sarah Addison Allen or Ellen Herrick. I don’t like fantasy as a genre, but a little light magic realism is nice this time of year.

Have you been dialing up the self-care as the days grow darker?



  1. I haven’t dyed my hair in years. The last time I did, I discovered I had developed some kind of allergy to the chemicals in hair dye, so I never did it again after that. I’m 36 years old and my hair started going grey when I was in my 20s, but it’s never bothered me. I’m so glad I stopped dying my hair because, to be quite honest, it’s saved me a lot of money.


    • I seem to have more chemical sensitivities as I age. I think now may be the perfect time for me to go natural as well. From the photo, your colour looks lovely! Xo


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