More Fall Finds

Happy mid-October!

Tomorrow marks the full moon, so if you want to make any moon water or howl, this is your time. The older I get, the more I rely on the rhythms of nature. Perhaps I’m morphing into a Crone.

If you want some good value fall cheer, H&M has a William Morris collaboration that is lovely. The prices are excellent. A lot is out of stock on line, but I’ve seen pieces in store. The silk scarf is lovely.

I loved this article by Introvert Spring on Stopping Worry. I struggle with worry so any tips are much appreciated. If you are an introvert, this blog is an excellent resource.

Whole Foods now sells vegan blueberry muffins on the regular. They are lest kale-y than their last version. So good. I’m not against kale: I simply think it has a time and place. The kale salad at Barra Fion in Burlington is to die for. 

Is there anything better than a cup of Earl Grey tea on a chilly fall day? I didn’t think so.

I’m using a lot of Elemi essential oil right now. I can’t get enough of this cousin to Frankincense.

After finishing the Jackie and Lee bio, I wanted to read more about 1950s glam so I’ve started to read The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis*. So far, I’m really enjoying it.

The older I get, the more I’m tuned into living lightly on the planet. While I’m not throwing out the things I have, I’m buying more vegan leather, eating less meat and looking for cruelty-free choices. I love Petit Vour as a company and if you are baby-stepping into a more mindful life, their subscription box is a fun way of sampling more earth- and animal-friendly products. This month, you get a Juice Beauty facial cleansing bar with your box and prices start as low as $15 per month (they ship to Canada too!)*

A friend of mine brought me some fabulous bread and Granola from Polestar Hearth in Guelph. If you happen to be in the area, you must stop by. Dinner tonight will be squash soup and country bread.

I hope you have a lovely end to October. Stay warm!


*Affiliate link


  1. I am reading the Bouvier Sister too – seems lots of other bloggers are too! I am interested to read more about Lee, having read the Jackie bios years ago. I eat far less meat these days, only 1-2 per month. Eat lots of fish and chicken and vege alternatives. Happy Autumn to you.


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