End of October Goodness

Happy end of October. I hope the month has been treating you well. Here are some things I’ve been enjoying as distraction from the weary world.


The novel, Family Trust, just dropped and I’ll be reading that next. Looks fabulous.


The breakfast granola at The Shangri-La Hotel. Delish!


Ovaltine. Nothing more comforting.


I’ve pulled out my Smythe jackets to go all Kate. I went to B-School with one of the founders and I’ve always liked the fit.


Hallmark’s Christmas movies start rolling November 1 in Canada. The plots are interchangeable – and most are a derivative of Big City girl returns to hometown to take over Christmas Tree Farm/Cookie Factory/Bakery – but that’s OK. They are like comfort food for me. I can’t wait to see The Christmas Train, which I missed last year.


My skin gets dry this time of year and I like to exfoliate. I love Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. It’s pricy but you only need a little of it. Plus, it’s clean beauty.


Henri Bendel is closing in the new year, after 123 years in business. If you want to channel your inner Gossip Girl, you might want to pick up something in the brown and white striped bag. I love this Skinny Minny scarf.


Elemi essential oil. I really love this stuff.


Pine Cones and Acorns blog. Virtual comfort food.

I hope you have a terrific end of the month!


Love to hear from you!

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