Happy Allsaints Day

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit.

Happy Allsaints Day. Did you have a nice Halloween? For the first time since having kids, the house was dark as the kids had elsewhere to be (I delivered some goody bags to neighbouring little ones.) We spent the evening in a cozy pub in The Village waiting for my daughter at a concert at The Phoenix. What a fun place to spend Halloween. The costumes were very extra, as the kids like to say.

Teddy agreed to wear his costume for one photo.

I find this a magical time of year. Are you in favour of firing up the Christmas music now or do you wait? I used to be a hardliner on this one, waiting until after Remembrance Day or later. But now, I like to start celebrating the festive season right after Halloween, taking a pause on November 11. I also book in some nice holiday events: attending the Christmas Market, the annual trip to see The Nutcracker, a good Christmas-themed dinner out, and a hotel stay to see the lights and Christmas windows in the city.

Are you watching This Is Us? It’s such a good cry each week. The characters are all fantastic – even Toby, who took a while to grow on me. And The Good Place? You need to be watching these shows on network or Netflix.

I need a new audio book for the car. The Witches of New York is not super car friendly as I’m forever picking up kids or going through drive-thrus and the language and subject matter are not for everyone. I have Circe on my list but think that might be more Kindle friendly as well. Light books tend to work best in the car since the listening experience is rather choppy.

I’m pulling out all my warm clothes. Bliss. I don’t think I’ll need many new pieces although my Eileen Fisher washable wool dress yet again fell victim to moth damage. This is the second time this has happened and I’m pretty careful with winter storage. Frustrating. Thankfully, it seems to be the only casualty.

I’m still loving RMS Diabolique as a fall lip stain. It’s a great cranberry, which I’ve been looking for every since Bobbi Brown discontinued her Cranberry Lip Sheer (the replacement Cranberry Crush is too dark for me.) It lasts a bit longer than Face Stockholm’s Cranberry Veil, which is another good dupe. And it’s clean beauty and can be used as a blush.

I hope you have a lovely start to the month. The world is crazy so it’s important to focus on the good.




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