Wall Art Refresh

Happy Monday!

I hope my US friends had a very happy Thanksgiving and you had a lovely meal devoid of political discussions.

I’ve been recovering from surgery, and the forced rest has highlighted all of the deficiencies in my house. I’ve picked up a few new pieces for the walls as I move things in a slightly more contemporary direction. Based on where we are looking to buy next, our next home will either be a century home or ultra-modern and more contemporary pieces will fit either scenario.

These are the pieces that are bringing me joy and some of them are marked down for Cyber Monday.

I love Romina Ressia’s photographs. The moody dutch master feel of the piece meshed with the whimsy is so up my alley. You can also get prints at a good price here.

I love these Negazione mirrors from goop x CB2. They look so modern and fresh. If the house gods bless us, my next house will have herringbone floors and lots of molding and these pieces will be a nice offset to the formality.

I’m obsessed with this William Parker piece, also at CB2. I find I’m very pulled into the work and I love the bling of the gold leaf.

I still love Annet Van Der Voort pieces. I love a good still life and these have an interesting perspective. Vanitas XI is gorgeous.


Has your change in art or furnishings changed over time or have you always loved one particular style?


Love to hear from you!

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