Clean Beauty Finds

Hello! Are you dealing with harsh winter (or summer!) conditions yet? I’m switching over my skin products to prepare for the winter months, keeping everything as clean as I can.

First, I have to give a shout out to I bought two natural products I’d read about online but found them waaay too highly scented for me (I have an aversion to lavender generally) and their customer service department made things right. Don’t you love it when a retailer goes above and beyond for you? If you live in Canada and need anything drug store or health food store related, they are terrific.

My current obsession is Ilia Beauty. Their Multistick in A Fine Romance is gorgeous and a cream based formula is perfect for the dry winter months. It gives you that instant just-got-off-the-ski-slopes glow and it’s great on cheeks and lips.

I’m also crushing over Tatcha’s Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment. I use Moonlight, which will seem too dark when you get it, but goes on well for that I’m-awake look (try it in store if you aren’t sure.) Between this and the Ilia multistick, I was getting compliments on my healthy appearance right after surgery, which is a miracle!

I use Blinc mascara like it’s a religion. It does not irritate your eyes (trust me, after the Lasik debacle, resulting in me having to wear a contact over two surgeries (!) I have easily irritated eyes.) It’s a tubing mascara, meaning it does not budge and comes off easily with just warm water. It’s not super volumizing or lengthening, but the Kardashian look is not something I’ve ever been after.

I still love a number of Beautycounter products (the skin balancing oil, cleansing balm and tinted moisturizer are HG products) but found them tough to work with as a company. Their response level is not great when you need more information, which I’ll chalk up to growing pains. I’m sure it’s a bump they will get over and I’ll cheer on a woman-run company devoted to cleaning up the cosmetics world any day of the week. And their products remain strong.

For lips, nothing beats Herbivore’s Coco Rose Coconut Oil lip conditioner. It’s not sticky, has a lovely scent, and keeps dry lips at bay. It’s perfect to wear overnight. Winner winner.

I plan to try out more Tatcha and Tata Harper over the next couple of months, coupled with a healthy diet (hello vegan cheese.) The watchword this winter is glowing.

Do you shift your beauty routine for the season?


Love to hear from you!

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