New Year. New You?

Happy New Year!

I hope 2019 is being good to you so far. Don’t you love a new calendar and clean(ish) desk? 

I was able to go skiing over the New Year’s Day holiday for the first time in forever. Between vision-induced vertigo and my endometriosis pain, I’ve been unable to ski for the longest time. Skiing is not only one of my favourite things to do, but had become rather iconic to me. When I was a single mom, I hauled my two children to the ski hill. It was a terrific bonding experience for us and was a test of my mettle. Losing my ability to ski really did my head in, so I’m glad to have that back. Now, I just have to regain my ability to highway drive in the city. That’s a goal for 2019. 

I’m also resolving to not get highlights since I’ve committed to going back to my natural darker blonde hair. It will be fine as long as I can wear a beanie all winter. The spring may prove challenging!

I’m staying the course on clean beauty this year. I think it’s made a difference to my health. If you are looking to switch over to cleaner beauty products, the subscription box from Petit Vour is a great way to get started. For USD18 (or USD23 in Canada), you’ll get a subscription box filled with introductory sizes of four clean and cruelty-free beauty products. If you use code DWELL25, you’ll save 25% off your first month! Your face and the planet will thank you! (This is an affiliate code, meaning I get paid a small amount if you order through this code. I thank you in advance!)

I want to make my clothing purchases more ethical this year. After getting my fill of fast fashion, I’m officially off that train. One of the biggest things I did was unsubscribe from a lot of the shopping blogs since they were generating a need for me to buy trendy items that never went beyond a few wearings. I’m also sticking to a palette of grey, black, white, and pale pink (with some brighter blues thrown in for summer) since that’s really all I wear anyway. Are you watching the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix? I’m asking myself if the pieces I wear spark joy. 

This year, I’m changing the way I use social media. I only follow people who are joy-bringers and who seem to be authentic. Life’s hard enough without being bombarded by unrealistic expectations. 

The biggest switch for 2019 is to focus only on soul-enriching activities. It’s easy to get swept up in acquire and achieve when you are in your 40s and I’m so done with that. I’m focusing on people, activities, products, books, and projects that nurture my soul even if that means turning down some things that seem more glamorous on paper. As a parent, I always ask myself, “is this activity good for my children or for my ego” as a check and balance. I’m now enlarging that view to ask “is this good for my ego or my soul.” I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Hope your first week of the new year is a good one! 





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