January Intentions

How is your January going? Still in pursuit of any particular goals?

This year, I had a slightly slower start since the kids were not back to school until Monday. I’ve managed to do some writing, with a new piece on HuffPost (if you like it, please share it on social!)  I’m trying to find the silver lining in endometriosis and adenomyosis and writing about it ensures I live it first. I’m also in edits on the novel. The temptation is to start changing things around. I have to keep reminding myself that I can put new ideas in another book!

My very loose 2019 goals are going fairly well. I’m eating well, but if I don’t I really suffer, so it’s easier that way. I always softly intend to have a no spend January, but that rarely works out since the sales are so good. Instead, this year, I’ve set some intentional spending goals for myself. I Kondo-ized my closet and found the wardrobe holes and will stick to those items and a colour palette of black, grey, and pale pink for winter and spring. (I’m forever attempting to channel Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan, style-wise.)

via Pinterest

In the summer, my palette tends to be the above, plus blue and white, as it’s fresh. I’m only picking up pieces that can transition to spring at this point. (I picked up a pair of deep discount AG Jeans in the Stevie style at the Anthropologie sale in a lighter wash, as well as a white seersucker top.) Jackets are my weakness, but I have so many for fall already, so I’m making myself walk away. (J Crew is having a flash sale today that I need to avoid, except for perhaps a new swim suit.)

I’m trying to be very disciplined around skin care and I think I’ve found my routine. My skin has changed slightly with the progesterone I’m on, so my latest love is Pai’s Copaiba and Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum to offset hormonal breakouts. It’s gentle but effective. I get mine at Canadian retailer, Clementine Fields.

I’ve settled on a watchword for 2019: Intention. I plan to be intentional about why I buy, what I eat, what I put on my skin, and who I hang out with. Do you have a watchword guiding your year?

Stay warm (or cool, for you southern hemisphere readers.)


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