Vision Setting for 2019


Are you surviving the Polar Vortex in Canada and the US? It’s quite awful. My poor pup does not want to go outside for even a second. We had a snow day in the middle of high school exams, so my week has been turned upside down and suddenly I find myself at the end of January!

How are you doing so far in 2019? January is weird with the kids having exams in after the break. I’ve not settled into my usual writing groove yet. I like the idea that January is a free trial month like at the gym. I like to set some loose goals and then review how things feel at the end of the month.

I spent a few moments reviewing my vision board. It’s not a board per se but a bunch of magazine tear pages in the back of the Filofax where I organize my projects.

The photos are meant to evoke the feeling I want to have (apparently I want to feel like I have long hair and live in Paris or California.) Since my watchword this year is Intentional, I make sure that what I focus on brings me closer to my vision.

I also review my non-work To Do list. I’ve already managed to strike some items off the list like following up with doctors, exploring a new exercise program, and printing out two years worth of photos (before I got my contact/reading glasses combination working, I reserved all screen time for writing so I have quite a backlog.) I’ve also been Kondo-izing everything. I feel very prepared to drop back in the regular work groove next week.

We’ve started planning a kitchen renovation. Wow. That’s a lot of work. One forgets. This is not my forever kitchen so it need not be perfect, but I still want it to be beautiful and let in a lot more light. I’ve been Pinteresting like mad.

I’m thinking something like this, that works with our existing footprint and appliances:


I’m also staying the course on Project Natural Hair. Vogue’s Sarah Harris is my spirit animal on this one. I adore her style.

How is your 2019 stacking up? Was January a good month? If not, February is a perfect time for a do-over (remember Groundhog Day?)



  1. Hi Jen, oh, I love Sarah Harris’ style too – to have hair like hers would be the dream except for a) I can’t grow my hair that long and b) I don’t think my grey will come in that nicely.

    Last week we booked our trip to Japan! We are going in November, with a small tour group, but also hoping to meet up with Hiromi, who was a student who lived with us for a school year about 18 years ago. She has 5 children now! We will also have a few days on our own in Tokyo, so I am busy researching as much as I can. I have written out some Japanese phrases and stuck them on our kitchen cupboards, and I am reading as much as I can about travelling in Japan. (Watching lots of youtube videos too.)

    So for this year our trip is my big focus – that and trying to get back into a good fitness routine. My husband and I started Yoga with Adriene’s annual 30 Days of Yoga on youtube and were doing quite well until I sprained my ankle (on the rebounder!). We are slowly catching up and will try to continue when it’s done; she has a huge archive of yoga sessions online.

    I followed the link to your Pinterest – I love a white kitchen too, good luck with the reno!


    • Your comment arrived safely! That’s exciting about Japan! That’s on my travel wish list too. I’m keen to hear about your plans! I hope your ankle permits yoga. I’ll have to look for that program. Xx


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