Sunday Finds


I hope you’ve had a lovely week. We had a school snow day due to an ice storm and a bunch of appointments, so it’s been crazy around here. Plus, I’m trying to sign off on the details of the kitchen renovation, so we can get that ball rolling. Busy busy. These are the things keeping me sane.

Eating. I’ve discovered a tasty gluten-free, egg-free Seeds and Grain bread made by Little Northern Bakehouse in Abbotsford, BC. Hallelu! I’ve really missed bread.

Reading. I love Christiane Northrup and her book on Dodging Energy Vampires looks like a must-read for any empath.

Procuring. We have the world’s ugliest foyer chandelier and I wanted something with much cleaner lines. I’m very drawn to the sputnik chandeliers, but we need something large, with a lot of cable, to fill the double height space. This one looks like a winner with a 55″ diameter and 82″ in hanging height, and the price is excellent.

Contemplating. I fear I’m becoming one of those kooky old ladies who is terrified of toxins. Last week, I had a piece of regular pizza because it was there and looked delicious. What a mistake. I felt as sick as I had pre-surgery and my pain levels shot right back up to about a 7. I’ve been tested for Celiac disease and I don’t have it, but wheat does not agree with me at all. I started to research inflammation online and disappeared down the rabbit hole to find this article: The Real Reason for Toxic Wheat: It’s Not Gluten. Scary stuff. Also, I need to book a trip to Italy right away.

Enjoying. I have two Romina Ressia photographic prints: Bubble Gum and Pop Corn. I love the dutch master look with the modern edge. Plus, the youngest child loves popcorn, so it’s a bit of an inside joke.

Continuing. Growing out the grey. According to my calendar, I’ve not had any highlights since July 21, 2018. Bye bye to the bleached out televangelist look. I like the darker blonde with platinum strands. Plus, it will save me at least a thousand dollars a year. Winning.

Same hair, different lighting

Let’s hope this is a sunny and slightly balmier week.

Stay calm, friends.



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