March Update

Hello lovelies,

I hope you have had an excellent few weeks.

It’s been crazy busy. I’ve been rewriting the last third of the novel. I love the first two thirds but the last part is giving me trouble. L’enfer c’est les edits.

I had an appointment with another laser eye surgeon to see if I should have more surgery, but he agreed with the other surgeon who said that glasses and contacts were the better solution. Now, I just need to find out if the laser clinic plans to help me. This whole thing has been very frustrating. You certainly see a company’s character when something goes wrong.

We managed to have a little Maritime escape to get the Nova Scotia cottage ready for the 2019 rental season. With the new water system, we are able to rent it out year round without worry, which is great. And we’ve found a property manager to manage the whole process so we won’t be involved in the day-to-day at all. I’ve never wanted to be a landlord so I’m very happy to delegate this work. If you are looking for a summer getaway to beautiful Lunenburg, I’ll post a link over the next few weeks.

I’ve booked a European getaway for the summer. The last few years have been tied up with getting the summer place in shape to rent and I’m glad to have a summer where I can totally unplug and not deal with contractors or water experts.

Here are the things that are keeping me sane at a very busy time:

Reading. Otherwise Engaged by Lindsey J. Palmer. It’s a great light read so far.

Obsessing over. The college bribery scandal. You go away for a few days and Aunt Becky is indicted. It’s a crazy world.

Eating. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joe’s. It’s worth the drive to Buffalo for these babies.

Watching. RuPaul’s Drag Race. Go Brooke Lynn Hytes! It’s nice to see a competitor from Canada.

Wearing. Anine Bing. Love her tees.

Using. Moon Juice Exfoliating Acid Potion. I love a good clean beauty exfoliator and try them all. This is a winner.

Doing. Picking tile. Kitchen reno starts next week!

Displaying. Rose quartz crystals.

Lusting after. J Lo’s engagement ring. I know she got an emerald cut because that’s what I have, but then she got all showy offy and outdid me in terms of the carats. No wonder Mariah pretends not to know her!

Keep calm and carry on, lovelies.



  1. Your holiday home in NS looks absolutely beautiful! I’ve always wanted to travel the East Coast, so one day maybe I’ll reach out to you and ask if I can book your home 🙂


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