The Renovation Begins

Hello lovelies!

Happy spring! I am so looking forward to kicking this winter behind me.

The reno started yesterday with the first delivery of cabinets. We are going with Home Depot’s Thomasville line since it’s wood (check), has nice construction (check), has nice drawers (check), is made in Canada (check), and is a good price (triple check.) This is not our forever home and I want to keep the price at a point where we will get every penny out on resale so this fit the bill perfectly. In my next home, I can do my Scavolini.

That being said, so far I’ve been very impressed with the design process. Nadia, our designer, is AMAZING and has been so helpful with the various combinations and permutations. Because the kitchen is only semi-custom with pre-set cabinet sizes, she has to work within fairly tight parameters and we must have redesigned the island about 50 times.

In the end, these are the choices.

The uppers and lowers are Hollings maple cabinets in Snowflake White

The island (with seating) is Hollings maple in Iron Grey

These are the colours but not our kitchen.

The pulls are a simple brushed nickel bar cabinet pull.

Backsplash is matte white hex tile (3″ x 4″) with Snow White grout. This should recede but also soften the look a bit.

For the sink, we chose the Blanco Precis Cascade in Cinder. It comes with a groovy basket so you can wash your produce with ease. The Mister picked this out, which amazed me since he’s more likely found in the clearance aisle looking for deals. I think he was just so relieved I did not have Clive Christian on speed dial for this project that he decided to splurge a bit.

Isn’t she pretty…

The tap is Grohe’s Tallinn since it has clean lines and is in a brushed nickel to match the pulls. I’ve used Grohe on past projects and have always been happy.

Countertops were the hardest choice. I hate granite. Quartz can have issues with high heat. After having marble counters in a previous house, I think they are too much work for family life. So, we are trying Dekton in Aura which gives a Calacatta look. I’ve seen it in the showroom and it’s beyond. The key drawback to Dekton is chipping, which is why we chose a big sink (cast iron pan handles can wreak havoc.) Also, having a skilled installer can help with this issue, I hear.

The project is on budget but it remains to see if it’s on time. The island has been delivered and is currently stacked two-deep in the living room like a low-rent version of the leaning tower of Pisa. The upper and lower cabinets are stuck with CN Rail somewhere between where they were made and the truck that needs to bring them to our house. Apparently, this happens a lot in the winter. When researching how I can fix this (I had visions of marching up to the CN intermodal building north of Toronto and paying a ransom for their release!) I learned that this often happens to farmer’s crops and even the government has a hard time expediting things. So I guess I can’t feel too bad about my cabinets. Home Depot has been on the case and are keeping me informed. If all goes well, the contractor (who is also a dog whisperer so there might be hope for Teddy!) starts soon.

Have you renovated lately? What have been your biggest pros and cons. I find I learn more with every project.

Take care!



  1. Hi Jen, I love your choices – a lovely, bright, modern kitchen. It’s great too that you have found cabinets that were made in Canada. Hope everything goes well with installation, that you don’t have too many nights of take-out!


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