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Hope you are well. We are in day 6000 of the kitchen reno (well, day 51 actually.) It’s always the last 5% that contractors seem to have trouble getting done, isn’t it. The fragrance I wear – Vanilla Woods by The 7 Virtues – is supposed to be calming. I bought one for my office and a rollerball for my totebag. It’s that bad.

I’ve been watching TV for distraction. Dead to Me on Netflix is perfection. I watched it all in one sitting. Then I immediately watched Wine Country, because once you’ve eaten the entire bag of chips, what’s one candy bar, right? It’s pretty cute. Both are very women-driven works, which I always like to support.

I finished reading Trust Exercise, which I enjoyed even though it’s a bit different than what I normally read (my brain does narrative gymnastics all day as I write and edit so I like my fun reading to be relaxing.) I’m part way through Jane Green’s The Sunshine Sisters and Sally Hepworth’s The Mother-in-Law. Both feel like a nice kickoff to the summer reading season. Frankly, I read pretty light books all year long, but in the summer it feels justified.

The weather is still cool and rainy here but we are all hoping for a warm long weekend. I’m itching to wear summery clothes. I think I’ll spend most of the summer in ankle length denim with white cotton embroidered tops. It’s such an easy look. I tend to schlep more stuff around in the summer, and I’ve already switched from the studded Zadig & Voltaire doctor’s bag I sported this winter to my St. Louis tote.

Pack away the old…
And in with the new (well, old bag, new season!) Sadly, Teddy is slightly too large for the bag…

I’m focusing on our upcoming trip to Paris. After the fire at Notre Dame, I’m really clinging to history. I live in the land of Big Box strip malls and cannot wait to be immersed in the old, beautiful buildings where everything happens on foot. We are also planning another mini getaway and I’m really craving the beach. I’ve tried the Caribbean in the summer and the weather is so iffy, but I also don’t want to fly terribly far. I’m scanning the travel blogs for ideas. It’s been a chaotic spring so some R&R is what’s needed.

I’m obsessed with Farm Boy and Trader Joe’s (which requires a quick border hop.) I think when you have such restricted diets as we do, any new thing you can eat is like a miracle. It’s funny how bean chips and dairy/egg free cookies are now considered major treats. I used to find dark chocolate bitter but now it’s one of my favourites. I had some milk chocolate the other day at the movies and it was sickeningly sweet. Things change.

The grey hair experiment is still going well. I’m about 9 months in at this point and my hair is more dark blonde than grey and there are strands of reddish blonde too, mixed with some silver. The grey seems to be in thicker highlighty pieces rather than random strands. Curious. It’s at the point now where it looks very ombre rather than just in need of a touch up, so that’s a relief. Even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I’d rather it look deliberate.

That’s about it around here. What is on your mind this spring?


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