May Blues

Happy Wednesday! Why is is that the last two minutes of a basketball game take forever and yet we are now at the end of May?

Is anyone else feeling blah? The long weekend was nice but today is chilly and overcast. I want to wear madras. Why is the weather not cooperating?

I need some new good blogs to read. I miss the old mommy blogging and J Crew blogging days. I’m thrilled to see DaniBP back and Ellie O’Connell’s daughter taking up where Ellie left off. But, I just need Bourbon and Pearls to come back too. Pretty please?

I’m debating going back to school in the fall. I’ve been accepted and the program seems to be looking forward to me attending, which is flattering, but it’s kind of suburban in nature and I’m kind of a school snob, so I don’t know. Really, I just want to work in a gallery and bring We Are the Baby Gang to Toronto. Do I need more school to do that?

Photo: Perrotin

Maybe I’ll take another year to write. The novel is going well. I’ve been struggling with the ending and have rewritten it four times. I know where the characters end up, but struggle with how they get there. Endings are so important, as any Game of Thrones fan can attest.

My friend Ann Douglas was in town to promote her new book, Happy Parents Happy Kids. She’s such a great person and a quiet but forceful agitator. Follow her on Twitter. Also, buy her book if you are a parent. She’s great at promoting guilt and shame-free parenting.

Kris Carr has a great piece on reducing gluten-intolerance symptoms. I know so many women my age who are sick with weird ailments. I’m convinced it’s the pre-harvest glyphosate usage on crops, but who actually knows. All I know is that gluten flares my endometriosis and adenomyosis and when I stick to a gluten-free, lactose-free, low sugar, mainly vegan diet, I am symptom free. Also, I’ve gone from wearing size 8 to size 4 with no weight loss, simply through a reduction of inflammation. Gamechanger.

I’m so craving Paris right now. I need to look at ancient buildings, art, and the Chanel store. I don’t wear my pretty things around here any more since the dogs don’t really care. I can’t wait to fancy up a little and trot out my language skills. It’s sure to mortify the teenaged children.

The eye saga continues. I was able to get Shaw Lens sunglasses fitted last week, which need some tweaking, but allowed me to drive to Buffalo on the weekend to Trader Joes. I’ve become the type of person to do cross-border Target runs on the weekend. When in Rome, I guess… Anyhow, Vineyard Vines did a Target collab and I bought a swim shirt and a bunch of pet stuff for Teddy. So cute. The kids bought junky food as as treat. Can you say clearance Easter Peeps cereal? Amazing.

The ride was a little wild. It was just me and the two little kids and my sunglasses -although leaps and bounds better than anything I’ve worn before – have a pretty small range of clear vision. The glasses kept slipping, which blurred my vision, which gave me vertigo on the bridges. I’d planned to avoid the Burlington skyway but the Garden City skyway and the eight million other bridges (OK, three long, elevated, over-water bridges each way) were quite an adventure. Plus, we got stuck on the Rainbow Bridge since I failed to set my Waze for NEXUS. Oh, and on the way back, a bee got into the car on the highway. The children are definitely going to require therapy after this trip. The moral of the story: don’t get LASIK, kids.

The kitchen is still standing at 97% complete. When the contractor painted the ceiling before making the ceiling repairs (!) I put a halt to the project. It was over 50 days at that point, and they were messing up the fix-ups to the mess-ups, and enough is enough. Repairs before painting is kind of like pants before shoes, no? We went through Home Depot, so there is recourse and they say they want to make this and a counter mix-up right. Let’s hope that is the case. On the positive side, we do have a functioning kitchen and it’s such much prettier than the old one.

On the reading front, I enjoyed The Mother-in-Law and have just started reading Jamie Brenner’s Drawing Home. And for non-fiction, The Courage to Be Disliked, looks like a winner. I think I will read that next.

Are you planning anything fun for the weekend? Americans get a long-weekend, which is nice. I may check out the online Memorial Day sales. I need a cotton sweater from J. Crew and a cute pair of summer flats. I just can’t wear heels anymore. I hope my daughter is my size soon so she can have my Manolos and Valentinos. The kids are wandering around in Crocs these days and it’s all Balenciaga’s fault.

Stay vertical, friends.



  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that your kitchen reno is still not done. What a nightmare, eh? And what kind of contractor paints before working on repairs?? I mean, isn’t painting one of the last things you typically do once everything else is done?? I’m not a contractor or construction worker and even I know that! Anyway, whatever this weekend brings you, I hope you enjoy it. You deserve some rest and relaxation!


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