Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday! If it’s a holiday for you, I hope you are enjoying the extra time. We are having gorgeous weather here so I’m editing outside, which is lovely.

The weekend was a good one. I got my Shaw Lenses adjusted a bit and wanted to revisit the highways that gave me a bit of trouble last weekend on the way to Buffalo. Also, I wanted to buy more Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants (such a nice treat on the weekend for those in my family who eat wheat.) The elevated bridges still give me trouble but the eye clinic said they might for a while until my eyes adjust to the new prescription. Once again, read the fine print on LASIK, kids.

Speaking of glasses, Readers.com asked me if I wanted to sample a pair of their reading glasses. I chose the The Blush* since I love pink and tortoise and they are so much prettier than drugstore offerings. They are 40% off today with code MEMORIAL40.

Book: Soirée: Entertaining with Style* by Danielle Rollins

Sunday, we went to the Gardiner Ceramics museum to catch the last days of the Ai Weiwei Unbroken exhibit. I love that museum. It’s one of my favourites in Toronto.

We grabbed brunch at Sorelle and Co., which is an allergy-friendly Marie Antoinette-esque café in Yorkville. I had the french toast with bananas and chocolate. And the Opera cake is out of this world.

We’ve been enjoying our garden at long last. Would we enjoy spring as much without winter? I’d be willing to give it a try.

I’m not really a sports person, but the Toronto Raptors have been magnificent. What a nail biter of a series. We’ll have another week or so of basketball madness. It’s nice when the entire city is unified behind one thing.

Take care,


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  1. I don’t follow basketball at all, but I’m happy to see our city’s team advance to the finals. The company I work for has season tickets and everyone around the office has been going nuts haha!


    • I imagine there is a lot of competition for those tickets! I was impressed that all of those people were celebrating and there were no arrests. We live in a pretty safe city! Xx


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