May Wrap

May is screeching to a close. I’m taking stock while I watch the Raptors on TV. When in Rome…

Last weekend, I was in the city and, oh, do I miss her rhythms. There was a lady walking a french bulldog and, of course, I had to go see it; and there was another woman walking a frenchie-esque mutt and I had to see it too. The women were clearly connected in that ‘we both have dogs who like to visit’ way and chatted easily while I oohed and aahed over their pups. And then in the café where we had brunch, there was an older French couple: she in a shirt, thin cardigan, and slim-cut trousers and he in slacks, a colourful shirt, and thin wool v-neck sweater draped around his neck. I want to be them when I grow up. I felt like I was on vacation. It all seems so civilized to be in a row house or apartment in a walkable area with beautiful parks and lots of cafés. I’ve lived in similar areas much of my pre-children adult life and – while it’s not ideal when you have school-aged children unless you have ridiculous sums of money – it’s fantastic after they’ve grown. I suspect our next move will be to a house in the city as kids float back and forth from university, but the move after that may be to a deluxe apartment in the sky, as they say.

I’ve been switching my already light reading to even lighter, now that June is just around the corner. I loved the May issue of Town & Country. I’m reading it the way I used to devour Vanity Fair. Even though I can no longer drink wine (or perhaps because I can no longer drink wine) I loved ‘No Way Rosé’ by Jay McInerney. I also loved ‘The ‘It” Bag is Over’ by Erik Maza. For the record, I declared it over a while ago, which explains my ancient battered Chanel Jumbo that I like to think of as timeless. The issue also has advice from The Mayflower Madam. 1980s scandals? Yes, please.

After finishing The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green, I’m looking forward to The Friends We Keep, which drops next week. Lifetime is having a Jane Green film fest in June and you know I’m all over that one.

House Beautiful, which I get delivered for pennies an issue and often find meh, had a solid June issue. It includes the quote, “I was nervous about moving to the Upper East Side.” If that does not make your day, I don’t know what does.

I picked up a couple of sweaters at the J. Crew long weekend sale. I’m always freezing, it seems. I also picked up these whimsical suede flats (I cannot wear heels any more) since they were $22 on sale. I’m thinking of wearing them with white ankle length jeans.

Other than that, I’m not coveting anything for summer except the Louis Vuitton egg bag, which I am definitely not going to get since my money goes to braces and cisterns in other provinces.

The book ending is reworked. Hallelujah. Now it’s onto editing without changing content, which is almost impossible for me. Fiction is so different than non-fiction. Wish me luck.

I’m continuing my conversations with the contractors and the LASIK people about ways to make things right. I got a copy of a letter from a second opinion the eye clinic arranged, which strikes me as so shady I won’t need any sunscreen this summer. Egads. Why can’t people just try to fix things in good faith instead of spinning it? It’s exhausting.

I can’t wait to see that Beatles movie, Yesterday. What a clever idea. I hope it lives up to the trailer. Are you looking forward to any summer movies?

Enjoy the weekend. Let’s hope for sun!



  1. Hello,
    So happy to have found you. Your content is really up my alley and have delighted in reading lots of the archive.
    Really enjoyed your take on my part of New England which is Maine with the York Harbor Inn being one of my haunts for decades, so happy to see you experienced that, too.
    I now live in London but spend plenty of time in Maine with family and where I still have a cottage that I share with others who would like to rent in the Summer.
    Tried to sign up for regular posts sent to my inbox, but found it difficult. Wanted to sign up with my email address.
    Will be back. Thank you for the inspiration. London


  2. Marian Keyes and the Real Housewives, too?! I read Marian Keyes’ Twitter daily and she makes me laugh daily.
    The Real Housewives?…as my sweetheart says, “for a very intelligent woman, you have some strange interests”. A sociological study you see- that is what I am conducting by watching avidly for 9 or 10 years. I think you would agree.
    A in London


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