Happy Monday,

We are dealing with the Great Floods here as there is a week of rain ahead. Hopefully, we will be paid off in peony blossoms soon.

Thank you for your anxiety comments. It’s something I’ll wrestle with for life and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I think knowing that lots of people are anxious makes you less anxious, no?

I drove to Trader Joe’s on the weekend again to get more bake your own chocolate croissants. This time, I tackled all of the bridges so I’m getting used to that. And the Mr. said I was much calmer this time, so hurrah! It’s so nice to not feel housebound. I really feel trapped when I can’t drive.

Sunday was a trip downtown for Sorelle’s Opera Cake and some shopping.

I hit Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, but just browsed. I’m getting to be an old person who remembers what things used to cost and am pretty sure I remember the LV Speedy being under $400 in the late 1990s. I asked to see the Louis Vuitton egg bag, but it was north of $4,000. Gah! Isn’t that what a car used to cost? The sales clerk asked me if I wanted to try it on, but I said it would just make me cry since I was not buying it. He seemed to understand about such things. I see these stores like art galleries or museums now: I can appreciate what they have without bringing things home.

I finished Jamie Brenner’s Drawing Home (love!) and started The Castle on Sunset: Life, Death, Love, Art, and Scandal at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont (promising.) I’ve also started Rebecca Eckler’s Blissfully Blended Bulls**t about blended families, based on her experience. She’s hilarious and revealing so this looks promising too. Blending is not easy: those Bradys were liars. It’s naive to take a bunch of slightly broken people, stick them together, and hope for the best (one look at Vanderpump Rules should demonstrate that this type of thing rarely goes smoothly!) Thankfully, people are being more open about the challenges with blending, which makes it easier for the rest of us to deal. Gwyneth Paltrow just did a fairly candid interview on the topic.

Speaking of La Gwyneth, I went to the Goop popup store in Toronto. I bought a Kjaer Weis Lipgloss in Affinity and got this adorable bag. I know lots of people can’t stand the whole Goop thing and I understand both sides. (Jessica Knoll has written a terrific piece in the Times titled Smash the Wellness Industry that looks at how so much of ‘wellness’ is simply dieting in disguise.) But I like Gwyneth for her iconoclastic nature and, having sat in front of her at TIFF one year, the girl glows. I’ll buy whatever lipgloss she peddles, even if I don’t buy into everything else.

I spent about 15 minutes this morning fighting a parking ticket at City Hall. It was knocked down (thus paying for my lipgloss!) and – more importantly – they are going to make a couple of changes that clarify the rules for others. The guy smiled at my organization and documentation and highlighted bylaw notes. He said I seemed very conscientious and prepared, which is code for neurotic I suspect, but he was very nice about it. I was slightly disappointed it was not set up like a court. I really wanted to shout “you can’t handle the truth!” and have someone bang a gavel.

I’m having a bunch of things lined up to have done at the house. Coordinating schedules is my Achilles Heel. I know that if I ever end up in hell, I’ll be given a job as an event planner. Trying to schedule a bunch of people to show up at specific times is a massive source of stress. Give me a massive crisis and I’m fine. Ask me to book the HVAC maintenance guy and the BBQ repair guy on days when nothing else is going on and I’m done. Is anyone else out there like that?

I hope you have a lovely start to your week and that the sun is shining where you are.



  1. Love your pluck in fighting the parking ticket-sometimes you just have to. Best to be prepared and, as they used to say in the law, where I worked for 26 years, ” let’s bury the other side in paperwork”. Works a charm sometimes.
    Great article in London Sunday Times, I think, this week about good ole Gweneth. It made be view her with less jaundiced eyes. Preaching,or even a suggestion thereof, really gets up my nose, but this article revealed her to be more thoughtful and realistic, in my reading, at least. Some big goop-fest in London next week, it seems. Who doesn’t love a good lip gloss, so 10 points for that.
    I give you credit for braving the bridges feeling uncertain about your sight as you do.Trader Joe’s is worth the struggle, I would say. Especially love their low-sodium butternut squash soup in a square waxed box, the dark chocolate covered almonds, the 21 Herb Salute ( no sodium, shake-on seasoning for soup and salad), the flower selection is often fab and the Trader Joe’s Aloe body lotion, unscented in the pump bottle an especially good winner. Oh, and the cashews with black pepper and no salt. Heaven in a nut.
    Happy shopping. London


    • Ooh! Thank you for the Trader Joe’s list. I’ll have to try those. The cashews sound amazing. We’re into their salted caramel chocolates, croissants for the kids, peony candles, dog biscuits, everything but the bagel seasoning, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Sadly, we are not allowed to bring flowers over the border. They always look wonderful!

      Bury them in paperwork: love it! I used to work in banking and did a lot of term sheets and noticed that the fatter the file, the more respect it got. Plus, I’m always calmer when prepared.

      I’m sure London is bracing for the goop-fest. If they have a pop up shop, she does seem to be an excellent curator. Xx


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