The Kids Will Be Alright

So last night, I sat on the lawn to watch 16,000 screaming fans watch Billie Eilish. My daughter has seen her before at The Phoenix, a more intimate venue, but when I was able to snag a few tickets for her bigger concert, I was happy to be able to tag along with her and her friends to Budweiser Stage.

Budweiser Stage, when it’s a beautiful summer night as it was last night, is my favourite venue in the city. The seats had all sold out when I hit Ticketmaster Front of the Line within the first 3 seconds of it opening, so we had lawn seats. But I’d brought chairs and blankets because I’m old. I’m at that age now where people around me can do what they wish but I’m going to be comfortable. I sat in my camp chair in my Anine Bing t-shirt and Alexander McQueen skull scarf wrapped around me like a Snuggie while various teens danced around me. Think Grumpy Old Men, but make it fashion.

After Denzel Curry opened (I enjoyed him a lot more than I expected to) I went to get the girls some food and the concert had started when I came back. By then, instead of everyone sitting on their blankets, easy to identify, they were all on their feet. As I wandered around looking for them, carrying plates of fries, another mom said to me in solidarity, “you’ll find them.” I laughed: “If I don’t, I’ll just tell security I’m looking for teenaged girls in Billie Eilish merch. That should clarify things.” Thankfully, I found them moments later.

Billie is a hot ticket right now. She’s a 17 year old powerhouse who owns – if not herself – certainly her image. She’s open about her struggles with mental health. Wouldn’t that have been amazing to have role models do that when we were young? Our teen idols tended to come out with their struggles in later life but at the time it was all big smiles and crimped hair. As I saw the crowd’s reaction to Billie, with her uniqueness and quirks, I thought: the kids will be alright.

She started on time, which I appreciate (the last Coldplay concert I was at was over two hours late in starting for no real reason. Which is why it’s the last Coldplay concert I’ll be at.) The Billie show was over in record time. I’ve done the Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariane Grande thing with my daughter and often I find those concerts drag on. This one went by quickly and most of her library is great. I’d decided we should Uber since I didn’t want to drive and, with four of us, it wasn’t a lot more expensive than the train. But ever try to find your Uber when 16,000 people exit a venue out of one exit at once? Luckily the guy called me and we were able to figure out where he was and walk to him.

There was a period for a year or so, when I was too sick to do any of this. I missed Lady Gaga the last time I had tickets and I LOVE Lady Gaga. I’ll have to catch her Vegas residency. I’m so glad to be able to run the gauntlet of concert going again since I love live music. I saw my ob/gyn yesterday before the show and she said that the medication for endometriosis is working beautifully (I take Visanne) and should hopefully prevent future bouts, so I’m hoping this is the new normal. And the adenomyosis is fully under control, which was the thing causing so much pain. I think an anti-inflammatory diet has been a huge contributor to my well-being in addition to the meds. Wheat, garlic and onion are my triggers (when we followed a FODMAP diet for my daughter’s fructose intolerance, I started to feel better and figured this out through process of elimination.) I’m looking forward to trying wheat in France and Italy this summer to see if it is a glyphosate thing. I’m reading more and more about how much it’s in our food supply. I’m also continuing to stay toxin free in terms of products (and people!) I subscribe to Glossy and even mainstream CPG companies are embracing the natural. It’s for financial reasons, of course, as consumers demand it, but if it results in making people healthier, I’ll take it.

And stress is the big enemy. So a stress-reduced life is key. I asked the doctor if the Visanne might be making me stressed but, after we chatted about what’s been going on in my world, she thinks that stress is making me stressed. I appreciate her straight-forwardness!

Are you a concert goer anymore? Do you insist on sitting down when others are standing?



  1. TGIF. Liked your post about music and your willingness to go to lengths to help your daughter and friends to hear bands. My parents did that a few times for me and drove a gaggle of us there and back and always turned a blind eye to late nights in Boston at tons of concerts when I was very, very young. I share(d) music and concerts with my two siblings who were/are a generation below me in age. It was/is what untied us powerfully. That music link with your children will serve you well in my humble opinion.
    And yes, still love live music and like you, on this occasion, like the opening band in a suprising way. Lenny Kravitz opening for The Stones case in point. What a revelation he was on that night way back then.
    I also like a seat, especially if I am paying 100.00 or more for a ticket, but did see Florence and the Machine standing for 3 hours with too many giants around me, but still managed to love the evening.
    Reaching out for culture at any age is a good idea. So glad you find enjoyment in it, too.
    A in London


    • I love Lenny Kravitz live. The first time I saw him, he surprised us all with a set from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers who were his walk on guests. What a night. I love Florence but have never seen her live. I might stand for that one too! Concerts have been a highlight of my young adulthood. Music is such a bond. Xx


      • As Mike Love of the Beach Boys said the night they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, “Music is God’s voice”, whether, he said, it is Bach or Def Leopard, if it unites and moves and speaks to us, it is God’s voice. I think he was quoting(ish) someone else, but have never forgotten the statement which has resonated for me and is so true to my ears.
        PS still trying to figure out what the BB had to do with Rock-n’-Roll but that is another story for another day!
        A in London


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