7 Things

  1. I’m quite obsessed with linen since it’s cool yet substantial. I needed a new bathrobe and this one from H&M was perfect. I love their duvet covers too.
  2. I’m reading Ottessa Moshfegh’s My Year of Rest and Relaxation. It’s grittier than what I often read but I’m really enjoying it. It’s wonderful dark humour about a girl who decides to medicate herself into a year long slumber on the Upper East Side. It touches on art, bad psychiatry, and New York pre-9/11. It’s delicious.
  3. This article about Carine Roitfield in The Guardian is fascinating and is getting me in the mood for Paris.
  4. Here is my latest piece on Medium.
  5. I cannot wait to read Star-Crossed by Minnie Darke.
  6. Loving Olio E Osso in Tinted Balm in No 3 Crimson. It’s a blush and lipgloss you swipe on. I just need this, mascara, and brow pencil for summer.
  7. I’ve decided to take carry on for my trip this summer. It’s hard to find luggage that works since the airlines keep decreasing the permitted bag size. Many of the cabin cases by It Luggage are under 20″ tall including spinner wheels and handle and fit in even the stingiest overhead bin. I’ve planned a capsule wardrobe cotton and linen blend jersey dresses (similar to this bargain) and ballet flats for Paris to take us from cafe to cafe. Later in the summer, I’m having an Italian adventure so perhaps I’ll add some more colourful pieces.



  1. Hello,
    My Year of Rest and Relaxation sounds interesting. Thank you for the tip.A fleeting fantasy of mine- to check out like this and just sleep and rest while I had complete immune suppression in my late 20’s which left me exhausted for a year while I recovered. I still worked and went to school and exercised and pushed on but often fantasized about giving into the condition and just sleeping. Shall investigate her book.

    Oh, I do like that black dress/tunic. Could look very nice over white jeans with gold, strappy sandals on the less boiling hot days. That is how I would wear it anyway.

    Very much liked your article about Riley, the aptly-named dog. One look at the photo of her in your car, without having read the words, and i can see exactly why you chose her. So lovely that she had such an abundance of love and safety in your care.

    Where are you going in Italy? Perhaps you said, but I may have missed it.

    I am going to Bergerac in France in a few days, but I am now, or ever, unable to take on the challenge of joining the carry-on only warriors….just can not do it! By no means high-maintenance, a laughable thought, that, but I am a Libra and indecision, (about what others may deem silly, )wracks my decision making process when I pack. If I do not have proper choice of footwear for each occasion, I panic. A sturdy type otherwise, though. Ha.

    Enjoy your trip planning.
    A. in London


    • A year of sleep does sound enticing, doesn’t it. That must have been very difficult dealing with that in your twenties. So far I’m enjoying the book, but it is dark (but funny). I’m always wary of how dark it might get but she’s a beautiful writer and the reviews were good. I’m off to Rome – a city I love – and the Amalfi coast, where I’ve not been before. It will be crazy hot but I’m hoping the sea will have a moderating effect. Enjoy Bergerac! It looks lovely. I’ve never been. I can do the small suitcase thing in hot weather but cannot in the fall or winter. I’m always freezing and need too many layers. I’m soloing to Paris with the two younger kids (who thankfully are seasoned travellers) and carry on seems more manageable. I may regret it or end up buying stuff and coming back with checked luggage (I once went to Thailand with a backpack and returned with multiple suitcases and a wooden elephant side table!) Xx


  2. Hi Jen, like A. above, I just can’t do the carry-on thing for much more than an overnight. For our trip to Japan in November we have been advised to limit our luggage (lack of space on trains and in hotel rooms, etc.), but we’ll be there for almost 3 weeks, and we need space for gifts and souvenirs. I’m going to compromise with a medium-sized suitcase and a backpack. I’m sure you’ll do just fine on your summer trips. We’ll be going on a short road trip to Cape Breton this summer – and I’ll revel in my ability to take the full complement of my grooming and beauty regimen with me!😊
    You’ve written about the start of your relationship with your now-husband before on the blog, but I still enjoyed the new article, thanks for the link.


    • Three weeks would be hard with carry-on unless there is a drycleaner at the ready. I’m envious of your trip to Japan. I’ve not been (other than a layover in Narita) and really want to go. My kids are begging to see it. Cape Breton will be lovely! And yes, it’s the skincare products I miss the most. For Italy, I may do more luggage since I’m not carrying my bags and I’m not wrangling kids on my own (although they are more seasoned travellers than I am and will likely be helping me!) The timing of this widower piece was driven by my novel edits. I wanted to tease out some of the wives of widowers issues, but they were detracting from the main plot. So I wrote the other piece instead and killed five chapters. It’s one of the most googled ways that people find my blog so there are a few wives of widowers out there seeking kindred spirits I think. I’m glad you enjoyed the new piece! Xx


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