July Things


Long time, no post. We had end-of-year exams and grad. The kids were in NYC. Busy times.

Finished Jane Green’s The Friends We Keep and Minnie Darke’s Star-Crossed. Both are great beach reads. Starting reading Evvie Drake Starts Over and listening to Educated in the car, since I have another week of long drives.

I’m starting to get excited for Paris. This is a very relaxed agenda so there is not a lot of planning to do. Other than a few hours at the Louvre, everything else is open and flexible. The children want to shop at Sephora and Adidas and, other than that, I think we will mainly eat and walk around. I’m not sure how my anti-inflammatory diet will fare but I keep hearing that the wheat in France is edible since it’s not flooded in chemicals. I really hope so since I’d love a croissant.

I’m in love with Briogeo’s Be Gentle Be Kind Banana + Coconut Superfood conditioner. It’s spendy but you only need a little. I’d buy it for the scent alone. So summery.

I bought the ubiquitous double G Gucci belt. I’ll use it to dress up the $20 dresses I’m bringing to Paris. Black t-shirt dress, belt, ballet flats. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve started watching Younger. How have I missed five seasons of this show? It’s brilliant.

Have you read the piece on J. Crew in the summer issue of Vanity Fair? I used to be the banker for a number of retailers and find the industry fascinating. So many disruptors these days. I’ve picked up a few of the cotton roll neck sweaters at the J. Crew sale. So cozy and will carry into fall. The winner of summer purchases is cobalt blue suede driving mocs. I get so many compliments on them. They are on sale today for under $20 Canadian, which is what I paid for them. Run.

I hope you have a fabulous few weeks. It’s crazy hot here and I’m taking advantage of the down time.



  1. Hi Jen, I’ve been really into Briogeo products lately, specifically the volumizing shampoo and conditioner, plus the spray – they smell lovely too, very citrussy. Your Gucco belt sounds like it will be the linchpin of your Paris wardrobe – that’s a good purchase! I read the Vanity Fair article about J Crew – suffice it to say that the store in the Rideau Centre in Ottawa closed down earlier this year. I guess the turn-around will take a while yet.

    I don’t know when you are leaving for Paris, but have a lovely time! Will you be checking out the pharmacies? Please report back!


    • Their products are lovely: clean and effective! I will check out the pharmacies in Paris. It’s a laid back trip with lots of popping in and out of shops. I shall be sure to report! Xx


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