The Goldfinch and My Zoe

I’ve wanted to see The Goldfinch ever since I’d learned they were making it into a film. I adored the book. I love Donna Tartt and love big Dickensian works in which one can lose oneself and The Goldfinch was a lovely blend of both. I know I am in the minority, but I loved the film. I loved the pace and the aesthetic and Nicole Kidman and the soundtrack (I can never hear Beethoven’s Piano Concercerto No. 5 in E-Flat Major, Op. 73 without my heart breaking just a little: it’s probably my favourite piece of music.) I even liked the casting. Most of all, I loved that it was, at its essence, a love story to art.

Photo: Warner Bros.

I also saw My Zoe at TIFF. After I saw the Julie Delpy films on the flight home from Rome, I googled her and found this article in The Guardian on her struggle to find financing and distribution for her latest film. When I saw that it was coming to TIFF, I got tickets since I wanted to see it in case it never enjoyed broader distribution (some of my favourite TIFF films never made it into wide release.) I really enjoyed it. It’s not for everyone, but it captures so many truths about divorce, parenting, mothering, medical ethics, and love. I really hope someone distributes it and, apparently, IndieWire agrees.


On the small-screen front, I’m really enjoying Derry Girls on Netflix. If you want to laugh stupidly, remember the 1990s, and enjoy music by The Cranberries, this series is for you. The show builds and by the final episode of season one, I was in love. If only Sister Michael could transport herself to suburbia: I think she’d be lots of fun.

Have you watched anything good lately?


  1. Oh, I loved Derry Girls! I hear there is going to be a third season too. The casting is insanely good – most of the ‘girls’ are in their 20s – the actress who plays Claire, the little blonde one, is about 32!! Sister Michael is a joy to behold. My husband and I have watched both seasons twice (watching with different people) and I would watch it all over again, and probably will sometime. I was in Catholic schools all the way through and it was never ever that funny!

    Hope you and Dani had a lovely lunch last week! (I was chatting to her by email.)


    • It’s a fabulous show. The season one episode with the dog had me in tears of laughter. It’s terrific. And Sister Michael is a force of nature, isn’t she! Lunch with Dani was lovely. We need to get you to the greater Toronto area so we can all connect. ❤️


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