Fall Musings

Fall is upon us at last. I’ve switched up the home decor a little, making things cozy by putting out the coffee table books.

Now that the weather is cooler in the mornings and evenings, I’m dipping into my coat closet from time to time. I’ve culled a lot of my wardrobe over the years, but I remain a coat hoarder. I still have coats from 20 years ago and they all spark joy.

I’m sporting Dr. Hauschka’s Caralluma lipstick these days. It’s billed as a brown-based red, but has definite plum tones that cool it down. It’s a winner for fall.

As the nights grow chilly, I tend to den in and watch TV and read more. (Plus, I’ve started having people beta read my book so I’m not writing 24/7) I binged The Politician on Netflix. It’s wonderful. It’s darkly hilarious and the aesthetic is wonderful. It would make a fabulous play. Another wonderful series is Succession on HBO. It reminds me of both The Sopranos and King Lear. It’s funny and brutal (the language is blistering) but not violent. Brian Cox is one of my favourite actors and he’s magnificent as media mogul Logan Roy. I’ve known members of similarly dynastic families and even with its exaggerated moments, this show rings true. Everyone knows what fork to use, but when it comes to grappling for power, it’s a cage match in Loro Piana.

The women in the show are wonderful. I want to work for the Pierce family.


Shiv Roy is a magnificent character. As she ascends in power, she morphs from English Rose to monochromatic ice queen. Jury’s out on whether she’s a Cordelia, Goneril, or Regan.


The real power is Marcia: Lady Macbeth in Chanel.


There were so many years where I had to miss out on smart series since they were so violent. I’m glad to see a return to shows like this.

Have you been watching anything interesting?



  1. I started watching Succession and I definitely want to get back to it. Agree, Brian Cox is amazing.
    Your coat collection is 11/10! Hasn’t it been wonderful weather, I hope it lasts. xxx


    • It’s been marvellous weather! I had the pleasure of seeing Brian Cox on broadway in Art years ago. He was really born for the stage and Succession is quite theatrical. It’s a winner. I’m living vicariously through your renovations. You are making such great choices! Xx


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